Clearwater Housing Development, Inc

Come Home to Us. We’ll take care of the rest.

About Us 

CHDC was created out of a need for honest, progressive, innovative, professional and affordable property management.  After having worked with excellent and not so excellent property management companies we decided it was time to take control of our destiny. In a nut shell, we knew what we wanted and that the only way to achieve the standards we were looking for along with a focus on higher returns for our investment was to do the management ourselves.


Although we have managed our own communities at one time or another since 1971, in 2010 we launched ourselves officially into the world of property management. We have realized a higher performance of our communities along with a higher return on what we invest within them; thereby, creating increased levels of satisfaction among our stakeholders.


Who we are…well we are you…we are owners, we are managers, we are contractors, we are families, individuals all looking for the same thing…a place to live and work that adds to the quality of our lives.


So if you are looking for a professional asset management company with great listening skills, that values integrity, knowledge and affordability while delivering services with pride and efficiency contact us. We know what it is like on both sides of the coin. We make it our business to care enough to make a difference for all our stakeholders.